A big patch from my site.

  • Paul

    Paul - 2011-05-02


    i just made a patch to the favicon.
    It fixes some problems:
    - Icons were not downloaded correctly -> Error Message appears
    - Different html "rel" declaration are now recognised (Problem before with: rel="LINK", rel="Link",…)
    - URL had no slash between the domain and the filename of the icon -> before: www.example.comfavicon.ico after: www.example.com/favicon.ico
    - Progressbar is shown immediately, before: progressbar was shown after the first icon was downloaded

    Here is the patch: KeePassFavicon_Patch.by.PSP

    I hope, this patch will find the way to the svn.

    Have fun witch this.


  • Luckyrat

    Luckyrat - 2011-05-08

    Thanks, I'll incorporate those changes into the next version which I'll hopefully release in a week or two.

    I didn't take every change in the patch because someone else already submitted a change for one part.



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