Error incase the Site does not have a Favicon

  • Outspoken2

    Outspoken2 - 2010-09-30

    If I try to download favicons for entries, that have sites that do not have a Favicon  the error message is very strange :

    Download error

    Could not download favicon(s). This may be a temporary problem so you may want to try again later or post the contents of this error message on the KeePass Favicon Download forums at Technical information which may help diagnose the problem is listed below, you can copy it to your clipboard by just clicking on this message and pressing CTRL-C.
    ProtocolError: The remote server returned an error: (404) Not Found.: System.Net.HttpWebResponse


    Why not do a ping of the site, and if it exists print a different error message?

    I use Keepass 2.13 and Favicon ver 1.5

  • Ajith Antony

    Ajith Antony - 2010-10-08

    A ping?  If the site was not reachable then the error would be different.    This is the right error for this condition.  The 404 means that was not there.  Perhaps the error could be prettier looking.  Like maybe a simple message that says the url it tried to get and that there was nothing there.

    Some sites have favicons but don't use the default favicon.ico.  This lets them set different icons for different pages on the same domain.

    <link rel="SHORTCUT ICON" href=""/>

    I don't think this plugin handles this type.

  • Luckyrat

    Luckyrat - 2010-10-08

    Yep, the error messages were primarily aimed at assisting debugging during earlier versions of the plugin rather than pretty and human-readable information. I agree that they could be made prettier now but I just can't give something like this a high priority when I'm busy with other projects such as KeeFox. I'll try to get around to it eventually though!

    ajithantony: The plugin didn't support these types of favicon very reliably in the past but it should do now. Please let me know if you find any favicons that aren't found in case I can improve things further in future.



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