Please tell us how to use it . . .

  • Shaun

    Shaun - 2010-03-13

    I didn't know you had to create a Plugins subfolder in the folder where the KeyPass.exe resides, and place the download within it.  Please simply tell us that on the main page of this wonderful tool.

  • hadez11

    hadez11 - 2010-03-21

    I didn't know you had to create a Plugins subfolder i

    You don't have to. Just copy it to your KeePass folder… (as mentioned on KeePass homepage)

  • Luckyrat

    Luckyrat - 2010-03-22

    Strangely, I have previously found that creating a subfolder called plugins is required but I know hadez11 is not the only person who can get plugins to work in the main KeePass folder… maybe the behaviour has changed in more recent versions of KeePass.

    In any case, the instruction to place the plugin in the subfolder should still work and it can be found in the release notes / README file that is available for download from this site.

    I'm not sure what more I could do to make it clear how to use it because there is not really any "main page" to speak of. The sourceforge project page contains information that is not under the control of an individual project - the only thing I could edit would be the description but there are a limited number of characters available there and I don't think it's appropriate to put installation instructions in a piece of descriptive text that will appear in search results, etc.

    I'm open to suggestions though…


  • hadez11

    hadez11 - 2010-03-22

    If the plugin doesn't provide explicit instructions how to install it, follow these steps:

       1. Download the plugin from the page above and unpack the ZIP file to a directory of your choice.
       2. Copy the unpacked plugin files into the KeePass directory (where the KeePass.exe is) or a subdirectory of it.
       3. Restart KeePass in order to load the new plugin.

    In other words, to "install" a plugin you simply need to copy it somewhere into the KeePass directory.

    To "uninstall" a plugin, delete the plugin files.


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