#147 Permanent display of directory comparison status


It should be possible to have some permanent display of the directory comparison status.

  1. The best solution would be display right of the tree (where there is much space most of the time), and update the numbers according to the work process - e.g. count down the number of conflicts on save of a file with manually solved conflicts.

  2. Display the information right of the tree as simple static text, with is updated only if the directories are scanned again via "File/Open" and "OK".

  3. Allow to configure the type of the "directory comparison status" window as not modal and don't wait for OK. So the user (like me) could simply leave this window open to see the information. Or provide 2 buttons: "OK, close" and "OK, stay" (may be better because most users would never find a new option).

PS.: The "Processing" window is not updated correctly before the "directory comparison status" window is displayed. E.g. in my test the "Comparing files..." was at 66%, but should be at 100%.

Win7-64, KDiff3-64 0.9.98


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