startup/load time slowness?

  • James Manning

    James Manning - 2004-08-18

    when I make a couple tiny files:

    echo a>a
    echo b>b

    and then "kdiff3 a b" it takes around 12 seconds to start up on a decent (dual 3GHz/1GB) machine.  There's a ton of other things running, but the most time is spent with the dialog saying "Reading C:/Program Files/KDiff3"

    If I just run kdiff3, it starts up in a few seconds, and if I then put in the "a" and "b" files to compare, it takes around 10-12 seconds to load those 2 files, each 3 bytes in size.  It seems clear that something is wrong in the load path.

    I see the same slowness attempting merge operations (kdiff3 a b c -o d).

    Anyone else seen this or know the cause and/or workaround?  I'm seeing it on each of the 3 machines I've tried it on so far.

    • Joachim Eibl

      Joachim Eibl - 2004-08-18

      Someone else also reported this problem, but I can't reproduce it anywhere and have no idea, what could possibly cause it.

      Does it also happen with an empty path (e.g. after "set PATH=")?


    • James Manning

      James Manning - 2004-08-24

      yup, still happens with empty path

      is there any way to get the debugging symbols?  I'm running 0.9.86

      Since it happens even when I start just kdiff3.exe (no params - that loads fast, about a second or two) and then do the diff on the two files, I don't think it's a start-up thing - since it happens both with start-up-with-params and load-for-diff, I was hoping it'd be easier to debug.


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