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1.0.14 released

This release contains a bunch of small improvements, along with a new "codec" package that includes base-64 and hex codecs (used for PracticalXml).

Posted by Keith D Gregory 2014-01-22

Version 1.0.11 released

Multiple new functions in CollectionUtil. Ditto for 1.0.10, which was released a month ago.

This release is only available from Maven Central, will not be available from SF.

Posted by Keith D Gregory 2013-06-15

Version 1.0.9 Released

Added a bunch of class reflection utilities, along with some Iterable adaptors.

Please note that this will only be available from Maven Central.

Posted by Keith D Gregory 2013-04-07

Version 1.0.6 released

This release contains some minor enhancements to the string and class utilities, driven by work I'm doing on another project. It's available on Maven Central (or will be in an hour or so), and I'm not planning to upload it here.

Posted by Keith D Gregory 2012-06-30

Version 1.0.5 released

A bunch of small additions in this release, plus the Introspector from PracticalXML -- now that this library is available from Maven Central, PracticalXML has no reason to have its own generic utility classes.

Posted by Keith D Gregory 2012-05-18

Now publishing to Maven Central

Starting with version 1.0.4, "important" releases will be published to Maven Central (where "important" means "I need the new feature for a project I'm working on"). All releases will be tagged, but I'm not planning to maintain distributions on SourceForge.

Posted by Keith D Gregory 2012-05-02

0.9 released

This is a stable release, but there may be changes for 1.0 that break backward compatibility.

Posted by Keith D Gregory 2011-06-02

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