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Functional... whoa.

KDESee is now somewhat functional with the preview pane working and the startings of a view mode. A new tool that I've found really helpfull is the CVS GUI front end Cervisia


The diff viewing is really nice and commiting changes is just a couple of clicks. Check it out.

Posted by Walter C Reel III 2001-08-10

New stuff

Preview code has been added to the application. Now to work on view mode. IJG JPEG Library has been HTML'ized by grey_poet and is in the documentation section.

Posted by Walter C Reel III 2001-08-07

KDESee ramping up again

Well after a couple of weeks of very little development KDESee is showing signs of life. Be it small signs of life. The initial version of the KDESeeImageView widget is up and somewhat functional. Work is being done on the real version wich will probably stay in development outside of KDESee until right before our first release. Right now focus should be on GUI work and the start of the View mode. JPEG documentation conversion is in progress thanks to grey_poet, 'configure' scripts are in progress thanks to oncemighty, logo design and web design is on its way thanks to Krighammer and web administration help is coming from sabredog as soon as he comes back from offsite.... read more

Posted by Walter C Reel III 2001-08-01

Info for new developers

Posted by Walter C Reel III 2001-04-23

Source now in CVS control.

Source is now on the CVS server. Rob, be sure to checkout 'kdesee' and commit a change to a file. We need to make sure that all of this is working and I haven't screwed anything. There should be enough to test a 'make' but no promises are made. It doesn't really do anything at the moment (doesn't even view any images) but take a look at it anyway and start hacking away.

- Walt

Posted by Walter C Reel III 2001-04-18

Hello World!

KDESee project started. Will have source online very soon. Very alpha. JPEG handling still is under design and I am wrestling with using the default Qt image routines, an Imlib2 hack or interfacing the gory, yet filling, libjpeg directly. Please post comments to the boards. Wish us luck.

- bLitzfeuer -

Posted by Walter C Reel III 2001-04-07