Hi everyone,

I was looking round the Mantis reports and there are 582 reports  :
- 129 crash
- 84 major
- 178 minor
- 166 feature requests
- a few "tweaks" and "trivial"

Some of the reports are nearly two years old, quite a lot are awaiting an answer from the original reporter.

I think some pretty heavy cleaning up should be done, in order to bring the number of reports down to a manageable amount. I thought that maybe closing all reports older than a certain date (over a year old ?) could be a start, but I actually found some old reports that are still valid ( for http://www.kdenlive.org/mantis/view.php?id=92 , I tested and it doesn't seem to work for me either).

So what do you think should be the course of action here ? Should reports be closed without asking for more feedback from the original reporter ? 

The best solution I see would be the following : 
- running through all bug reports older than a year (maybe older than 6 months ?), and if the problem can't be reproduced simply close the report. That should bring down the total number by one or two hundred.
- go through all remaining crash reports and if one can't be reproduced ask for feedback from the original reporter, and if no answer close the report within a couple of weeks.

Does that seem reasonable ?