On 11/16/07, Jose Jorge <lists.jjorge@free.fr> wrote:
Wayne a écrit :
> Is there a way to create a slideshow clip using only crossfade but
> without Luma? Whenever I create a slide show clip by checking the
> crossfade box, the resulting effect always includes one of the Luma
> transitions. When  I edit the slide show, to check, sure enough the Luma
> box is checked. Is this by design? Is the crossfade effect one of the
> Luma transitions? Why do they have 2 separate checkboxes?
> Just wondering.
> Thanks,
> Wayne Maeda
> Kdenlive 0.5
> Mandriva 2008
This bug was fixed some months ago in SVN, you can look in the history
of this ML.