thnx, that worked!

On Tue, Jul 29, 2008 at 5:03 PM, William Steidtmann <> wrote:
Try this:


Note: this is not the case for the include dir which is correct as you
have it:



Johannes Wilm wrote:
> Ok, migth be. I removed the file and tried to recompile mlt. For the
> configuring I get the following:
> ./configure --enable-gpl --qimage-includedir=/usr/include/qt4
> --qimage-libdir=/usr/lib/qt4 --avformat-swscale
> ...
> Configuring modules/qimage:
> Qt version 3.x detected, will compile Qt3 qimage producer
> Include directory:  /usr/include/qt4
> qimage: KDE environment not found - disabling extra image formats
> ...
> I'm pretty sure this worked before.
The second mouse gets the cheese.

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