I'm happy to see that much reactivity of the KDEnlive community! Yay, we're alive !

First of all, I think putting the work J-B has already done in a branch. It's not a waste, just a pause ;-) It's easier to merge the branch "refactoring" (J-B were working in it before he did the merge) in the new master later on than porting bug fixes of a branch (that touch little parts of code every where) on a new architecture. And talking of that, not having new features on an open source software is not good for the community, it's doesn't attract developers for instance.

Laurent has done several commits, looking at the logs, I guess he knows the architecture and the work that would have to be done on the current master to fix it. I will myself work around the code of commit I've suggested in the first mail, and also on the current state of the master, to be sure that we are taking the good choice. As said Laurent in something like 2 or 3 weeks, we should be ready to make the move!

Thanks again for your fast answers!!


2013/11/25 Brian Matherly <pez4brian@yahoo.com>

>> I still think that anyone capable of adding features would be capable of
>> getting master working. Master does run - and it looks really great. There
>> are just some editing functions that need to get hooked back up.>
>You think that, so you will do it ?
>Do you launch master ?
>"just some editing functions" ? I saw that there is just 1 or two functions
>Even JB wrote that he will necessary several months until that all features
>implemented (and he knew very well kdenlive code)

Ha ha! Yeah, you got me there. I did run master after JB merged the refactor branch. I remember that the app started and I could play clips. I also remember that the UI looked really good. So maybe I built my own (possibly incorrect) assumption that there wasn't much work to get everything working.

But I haven't done my own assessment of the code - which is why I started my comments by asking if anyone else had assessed the code in master. Without an assessment of the code, nobody (except JB) will know how hard it will be to get it running.

Also, I am, unfortunately, not volunteering to get the refactoring all working. However, if someone else can hand out small, manageable tasks, I would be willing to take on some small tasks.


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