2013/12/16 Martin Sandsmark <martin.sandsmark@kde.org>

On Sat, Dec 14, 2013 at 09:17:43PM +0100, Vincent PINON wrote:
> I believe that JBM began last summer to integrate QGLSL monitor (partly
> taken from Dan's Shotcut) at the same time he was switching to
> refactored architecture.

I assume that's what is in commit 072944c9530f5d7b077d72e48532f9e74e6e1b7f.

> Probably most of it can be adapted to the old architecture?

Yes, it still looks pretty straight-forward to port over.

> So maybe you could start from looking at these commits and see how to
> make the transition smoother from the old code base.
> Or if you prefer to push forward the "modern" code, please do so, there
> is a great interest, but harder work to be able to actually use it.

Is there any documentation about what the refactoring was going to achieve?
It's daunting enough to get into the kdenlive code as it is, without having
to re-read large amounts of code to get how the refactored codebase was going
to work.

Nop, and that's the point: we don't have any documentation about the refactoring.


But I'll look more into how far JBM got tomorrow, if the qglsl integration is
far enough along I'll finish the work in the refactoring branch as well.
But my priority is getting movit working with the "stable"/old codebase.

Ok, great :-)

Martin Sandsmark

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