Hi, Christ-Jan

Have you tried to capture using ffmpeg?


2013/1/29 Christ-Jan Wijtmans <cj.wijtmans@gmail.com>

I recently wanted to start a youtube channel where i record and make
commentary to games.
The games i want to promote are primarily those whom work on linux
since i want to promote linux as an OS where you can play games on.
Here comes the problems... qt-recordmydesktop is an absolute nightmare
to work with the only way i get it to work properly is to turn
compression off and put FPS at 10.
If i put FPS higher than 10 the video would speed up and not be in
sync with audio. Now that it records "fine" it only records 10 frames
per second, no bueno for recording games.
I have kdenlive installed for quiet a while now and i have always
realized it doesnt play well with recordmydesktop either way.
So i finally came to a bug tracker where i saw kdenlive is now being
modified to use ffmpeg instead, which i cannot comment on since i
havent tried it.
Basically it would be easier for the user(me) did not have to worry
about compression details and such and could just select a youtube
profile which it work with.
You can even rip off some code of qt-recordmydesktop(not updated in 5
years i believe) to get the window selector button(if ffmpeg can play
with x11 windows?).
The point is that i do not want to rush anyone but i want to promote
linux here and it is cool games are finally coming to linux, but
lacking any decent capturing software will be a culprit in promoting
linux for gaming.
My question is if you can get a working version of kdenlive 0.9.3
where capturing video "just works".
I am using gentoo and kdenlive 0.9.3 is not in unstable or stable yet,
is it still in development, can i install an overlay for a live build?

Live long and prosper,

Christ-Jan Wijtmans

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