2012/10/15 Simon A. Eugster <simon.eu@gmail.com>
Would love to, but this is kind of during the semester. Thanks for sharing! Is it already known whether it will be repeated next year?

I don't know. Floss Manuals is always doing book sprints, but I think it's the first with GSoC support.

On 12.10.2012 13:11, wille wrote:
A good opportunity to improve the Kdenlive documentation. Is there
someone interested in?

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Subject: [FM Discuss] GSoC Doc Camp
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hi all...please apply for this!!!!!! calling all projects! and spread
the word :) (projects do NOT have to be Google Summer of Code related)

Google Summer of Code in collaboration with Aspiration and FLOSS Manuals
is hosting a "Doc Sprint Camp" at Google's Mountain View headquarters
(California) Dec 3 - 7, 2012.

The 2012 Doc Camp will feature:

1) An unconference on free software documentation topics - facilitated
by Aspiration

2) 2-5 Book Sprints to produce books on free softwares - facilitated by
FLOSS Manuals

Building on the success of the 2011 GSoC Doc Camp we are proud to bring
you the 2012 GSoC Doc Camp. Like the previous event the 2012 GSoC Doc
Camp is a place for free software communities to meet, create a book for
their project, attract new people to their efforts, and share their
documentation experiences. The camp aims to improve free documentation
materials and skills in free software projects and individuals and help
form the identity of the emergent free documentation sector.

Individuals and projects can apply. Food and accommodation for all
individuals will be provided and travel support (full or partial) can
also be applied for.

Be a part of this exciting event propose a Book Sprint on your
favorite free software or come and help others write a book on their
favorite project. Guaranteed to be a lot of fun, productive, and a
fantastic place to advance your documentation efforts and experiences.

For more information or to register to take part, please see

Please note proposals are due by October 26, so get yours in ASAP!

Carol Smith, Allen Gunn, Adam Hyde


Adam Hyde
Founder, FLOSS Manuals
Project Manager, Booki
Book Sprint Facilitator
mobile :+ 49 177 4935122 <tel:%2B%2049%20177%204935122>
identi.ca <http://identi.ca> : @eset
booki.flossmanuals.net <http://booki.flossmanuals.net> : @adam


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