What are you recording? 
BTW, its not just "buggy", its simply doesnt work for me at all. And even if i record manually with ffmpeg from command line the quality is very bad and the frames lag(a problem with recording sound and video into a container format), definitely it is not my computer that is the issue, it is the code of ffmpeg.
For now kdenlive is unmerged due to kdenlive depending on kdelibs semantic-desktop

Live long and prosper,

Christ-Jan Wijtmans

On Wed, Nov 27, 2013 at 10:10 PM, Evert Vorster <evorster@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi Christ-Jan

Just because certain features don't work for you does not mean it does
not work for everybody. I found the recording features in kdenlive
quite useful, and far better than the alternatives that I have tried.
I would prefer that Kdenlive keeps the capability of recording from
cameras and the desktop. Granted, the recording feature is a little
buggy, but not impossibly so. I found that the main instability comes
from Kdenlive allowing me to set resolutions and frame rates not
supported by the hardware. Generally if you get the correct resolution
and framerate, recording works well.

As for contradiction in my statement, I don't see it.
Removing code is as bad as putting code in. There is simply no
guarantee that kdenlive will become more stable by removing code.
Precisely because the release code is so complicated is a good enough
reason to leave the features in as some other part of the program
might rely on a part of that feature that might not even be exported
to the UI.

I have seen many times that just fixing a small bug introduces a few
more bugs in different places in kdenlive.
If you don't like a feature, just don't use that feature. Nothing
could be more simple.

Hopefully the refactor will be completed and then removing or adding
code will be a much more simple process. I agree that plugins in
respect with the refactored code would probably be a good idea.
However the base functionality in the refactor first needs to be
replicated, and that might still take a while.

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