Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it!

I wasn't sure where to inquire about this but I've noticed that there could be more done in the PR scene to make Kdenlive more visible. More visible to the general public and more visible to folks that already have a stake in the same kind of values. 

I work for Mozilla and GetGlue, part of what I do at both places is PR and I'd be happy to donate time to do what I do with them for Kdenlive. 

The twitter for example, doesn't need to be daily,but it could twice a week. You don't have to exclusively post about updates. It could also be answering questions that folks have about Kdenlive. Or casually reminding people that there is native support for WebM export in Kdenlive. 

I was at the 2011 Open Video Conference and there were a lot of FOSS projects there. And there were a lot of WebM guys there too.A lot of people I spoke with didn't realize that Kdenlive could export WebM, they though Miro converter was their best and only choice. Miro is great but Kdenlive has a lot of great export options. So many open source folks didnt even realize this!

This is just an example. Anyway, I'm rambling. But anyone on the Kdenlive team interested in me volunteering, PR, management and coordinating are my professional skills and I'm happy to lend them as it's the best way I can help. Thanks!


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