Hey all,

This is not directly Kdenlive related but I do our transcoding in Kdenlive for this project. 

It's a webseries I produced called Ronaldo Tours. It's a travel series.  


Ronaldo Tours is produced by NPeaches. NPeaches is a web based entertainment network. We self produce and distribute webseries on a platform that we’ve created and maintain ourselves. Beyond that we are platform that uses our content as a public service for the benefit of free culture, social justice and artistic integrity. All of our content, includingRonaldo Tours is freely available to not only stream, but to download, remix, and re-distribute.

That being said, Ronaldo Tours is licensed under the Creative Commons CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 license.

Beyond that, we have plans to release remix kits of Ronaldo media including raw footage, edit sessions in XML and .fcp, EDLs and more. We don't just want to you remix it, we want to assist you and give you resources to make remixing even better. All in an effort to let creative innovation thrive.

Any contributions that could made would be really appreciated!