Hi there.

Tested, and the stabilizer works as advertised.

I would keep the other two stabilizers around for a while, there is no harm in having a choice, is there? I suppose we could mark them as depreciated.

-Evert Vorster-

On 8 July 2014 08:32, Vincent PINON <vincent.pinon@laposte.net> wrote:

Sorry for the late reaction;
Patch applied to activate vid.stab, on git master (stable) branch.

Please test and comment ; do we need to keep older stab filters ? (for projects compatibility)



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Date : Thu, 03 Jul 2014 21:48:13 -0000
De : Steve Guilford <s.guilford@dbplugins.com>
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Review request for Vincent Pinon.
By Steve Guilford.
Repository: kdenlive


GUI Added menu option for new video stabilizer "vid.stab".  Duplicated screen for videostab2 stabilizer for use with vid.stab.


Tested w/ current dev branch of Kdenlive.


  • src/project/clipstabilize.cpp (3085f31)
  • src/mainwindow.cpp (ba54164)

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