Hi there.

I don't believe that this software is abandoned, I do see activity on the git repo.


On 25 October 2013 11:48, Vincent PINON <vincent.pinon@st.com> wrote:
Hi all,

As you may notice, there is no more activity on kdenlive repos since
beginning of July, whereas JB used to warn us before any period he would
be off for some days... I tried a personal mail few weeks back with no
answer, does someone have any news?

We should not let this great software abandoned (said in many place to
be the best video editor for linux... until Dan's shotcut beats it (; )
I am still willing to get involved but I have no experience and don't
know where to start, especially with the huge refactoring work. Till,
have you any advice? Did you write few lines (or communication logs?)
about your new architecture philosophy, or should I go straight through
the source?

Another remark (from translator point of view): master was switched this
summer to refactoring, so kde infrastructure now distributes *.po files
for this version, which is not the one people should use. As I
understand KDE guidelines, "master should always be releasable", so it
should still be pointing on v0.9 (avoiding packagers to be aware of our
internal cuisine). Who agrees/disagrees? Who can take care of it (I am
just a basic git user, if I handle it you might expect mistakes)...



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