On 21 March 2012 13:49, Till Theato <root@ttill.de> wrote:
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Hey guys,

we nearly achieved our goal.
Thanks for the enormous support everyone!

Should we keep pushing the campaign? Are there other things that would
require money?
Sorry for my lack of activity so far but I'm currently really busy.
Hope it will be better from next week on...



I think you should keep pushing.  Like someone else said on the list, you can only really do this sort of thing once, so better to go all out this time around.

The extra money could be used for more time off for developers in the future maybe?  I think this is the most productive thing that can be done for the project.  Once the re factoring is done, maybe a bug squashing week or something like that, get on top of everything.

I think as long as everyone knows where the money is going, then there should not be a problem, don't want people to get upset if they don't know what is being spent on what.

I have emailed a few Linux podcasts, try and get a mention about the fundraising drive.

It is clear that people really want the project to get better and better, $3931 in 4/5 days is incredible, a great show from the community at large.

Just my opinions anyway