Blender has over 19000 strings to translate. It took me over a year to translate it and check it all for quality, and I certainly didnīt finished yet.
Thatīs not a decade, youīre right, but I wonder how is that a year of a programmer's time would be any different from a year of a translatorīs time?
...it's the same moments away from the same valuable other aspects of life.
The comment meant to be just a reflexion about what move us to do this and why, I didn't pretend to make quality comparisons of any kind.


2013/4/22 Dan Dennedy <dan@dennedy.org>
Yes, that is great, but is it fair to compare weeks of translation to
a decade of design, analysis, coding, debugging, documentation,
website maintenance, server administration, and so on? Of course, you
still deserve to have some input that is respected by the others.