2013/4/23 Ed Rogalsky <ed.rogalsky@gmail.com>

So is there some way that I can contribute to kdenlive that won't
start a flame war?

For instance, is there anybody who reviews new bugs, reproduces them,
asks followup questions, and provides the developers with as much
additional information as possible?  If not, maybe I can help there.

Or is there some specific testing (of effects and transitions, for
example) that needs to be done?

Or is there particular documentation that needs to be

Is there a need for additional or expanded video tutorials?

Hopefully I have suggested items that are not likely to be
controversial.  I would like to contribute to the project, and with my
limited time, I would like to make sure I am contributing in a way
that will be most beneficial.

Thanks again,

Hi Gus,

we have a lot of jobs have to be done. And from user's point of view they want to have
as much features as possible but our time is often very limited. 

From the developers view there are a lot of important jobs like testing, reviewing bugs,
documentation and so on. 

Jean-Baptiste Mardelle is the project leader of kdenlive and I think he will contact you
to say what is most important to do. It seems that he is busy at the moment.

Happy starting at kdenlive!

regards eddrog