On Fri, May 9, 2014 at 5:48 AM, Vincent PINON <vincent.pinon@laposte.net> wrote:
Hi Kdenlive devs & fans,

It's been a long time we have not released any piece of code, while much
work has been done on various points.
Our users either are either stuck with old 0.9.6 version (many little
bugs fixed since then) or take the risk to track development head.

As the laptop I carry everywhere has a too poor GPU to run movit (and
I'm not the only one), I tagged the latest commit before Sesse's work
merge as,
and picked the later changes not involving GLSL in a separate branch
("next" was available, maybe it was not a very good choice :-/).
I prepared a release version (CMake option) and tagged
Before preparing a tarball, getting PPA builds and blogging about it,
maybe you would like to test a bit more this version (I don't edit
movies intensively these times) or have precises fixs in mind?
Up to you to react in the next few days ;-)

I recommend that you do not add another field to your release numbering scheme. It is fine for git tagging, but please consider releasing the next version regardless of its contents as 0.9.8. Consider not so much the meaning of the version number but how it might be used by software collections for tracking upgrades. etc. Also, do you think users really want to have to remember to specify instead of 0.9.6? They might even think that additional .2 does not represent a code change but perhaps some packaging- or build-related change.
That being said, I think it shouldn't be hard to disable movit if it
fails to start. Once done, maybe we could think of releasing "master" as
0.9.8(.0), a useful milestone (to track bugs) ! Or do you consider it is
too far from stable ? We shouldn't disappoint the release-channel users...

Based on my brief testing while updating and supporting the build-kdenlive.sh script, it is not stable enough.