Hi to everyone,
I briefly present myself: I'm a teacher at the school of Telecom Engineering in Bilbao, and was the local coordinator of Akademy 13, maybe some of you were here last year.

The aim of this email is to propose a collaboration in Kdenlive project with two students that must do their ending career project. We have another student helping in Kde-Telepathy and another one in a mozilla project related to icecast and webRTC, and I'd like to have a "small task force" also in Kdenlive, as I think it's an amazing software.

If some of you can be a kind of interface to talk about this, please send me a direct email, or if you prefer to talk here also it's ok. Apart from the general ok (or not) for the contribution, I'd like to know about:
* In which features they could collaborate: MLT,...
* Who could be, at the first weeks, the contact to guide them a little bit

  Thanks a lot in advance, and long live free software and KDE ;)