what do you mean with "0.9" ? if you mean 0.9.0, its a long time ago code, with logs of bugs and features lost......
If you mean 0.9.6, its ok (for me at least).

On Mon, Nov 25, 2013 at 4:24 PM, laurent Montel <montel@kde.org> wrote:
Le lundi 25 novembre 2013 06:13:44 Brian Matherly a écrit :
> Has anyone done an assessment of what it would take to get master working
> without reverting all the refactor changes?

I think that just Jean-Baptiste knows what we must do to make it work without

> I would predict that if you
> revert the refactor, and keep making changes to master, they will diverge
> and the refactor changes will never be able to be reapplied.

We hope that we will able to reapply it when we investigate refactoring code.

> I did a quick
> assessment of the refactor changes, and I believe those changes are
> important for the long term evolution of Kdenlive.
> While the master branch can not edit video right now, the 0.9 branch can. If
> all people need is some bug fixes, I recommend those changes be made in the
> 0.9 branch and any 0.9.x releases can be made from there.

it's not just fix bug, we want to improve it.

> If someone is volunteering to add major features, then those changes should
> be made in master.

We can't as it doesn't work.
And we can not ask to developper to not add new features until master works.

> But if someone is willing and able to make major feature
> changes, then I would wonder if they would be able to get master working
> without reverting the refactor.

> ~Brian


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