Just to bring some background info over the table:

In PremierePro 'Ctrl + Enter' is used to build a Preview* of the transitions and effects so that the timeline can play faster if there are heavy processing applied to clips.
Also in Premiere Pro and After Effects the Export Movie (rendering) feature is 'Ctrl + M'
In various 3D animation programs 'F9' is used as a shortcut for Rendering.

* basically small clips for the transitions are generated 'under the hood' and saved to disk, then used in place of the transitions. for clips with effects, the full clip is rendered and substituted (for playback purposes only). when a change happens in the timeline for a transition or an effect, the corresponding preview clip gets outdated and discarded. i.e. a new one has to be generated if the user wants it to.


2011/1/31 Simon Eugster <simon.eu@gmail.com>
>> > In my opinion anything that allows the UI to devote more size to the
>> > actual
>> > video and timeline and less to any other controls is a good thing!
>> > (I'd of course also hide the top buttons bar by default, and perhaps
>> > place a
>> > Render button in the already present bottom toolbar to save more space.
>> > But
>> > that's for another discussion ;)
>> Why not use the Ctrl + Enter shortcut ? ;)
> Yes, of course keyboard shortcuts are the best way to use any program. I
> refered to that as a way to hide the top toolbar by defaul, but still have
> the render button visible to new users. :)

Just a short remark; I personally would not expect it to be
Ctrl-Enter. Fullscreen shortcuts I've seen so far are Alt+Enter (DOS
and some games, still today), F11 (Firefox, several other programs),
and Shift-Ctrl-F (Not very sure where; perhaps Okular).

Ctrl+Enter is, for me, rather a «confirm this dialog now since Enter
is used inside the dialog already» shortcut (e.g. titler would be a
candidate for this).


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