Hi Till,

> Regarding the current Kdenlive implementation shown in 'jb' mockup, I like
> it!! well done!! :)
Not implemented yet.

What I said I liked, was the part of the image that it's suposed to be the 'current' Kdenlive drag value, not what the mockup proposed ;)

> I'd just remove (or hide) the slider by default (perhaps giving the chance
> to bring it back with an option in the program Preferences)
> Another thing I'd remove from sight are the Reset icon, substituting it with
> a 'right click option' over the numeric value.
> In my opinion anything that allows the UI to devote more size to the actual
> video and timeline and less to any other controls is a good thing!
> (I'd of course also hide the top buttons bar by default, and perhaps place a
> Render button in the already present bottom toolbar to save more space. But
> that's for another discussion ;)

Why not use the Ctrl + Enter shortcut ? ;)

Yes, of course keyboard shortcuts are the best way to use any program. I refered to that as a way to hide the top toolbar by defaul, but still have the render button visible to new users. :)

Thanks for your efforts!!