All contributions are good, without a doubt, and all the ideas presented here have good points.
I tend to favor the solution that allows the "controls part" of the interface to be the smallest possible of all, provided it has good usability, naturally.
Of them all, I still think the Adobe style sliders are the ones that are better.
They provide interactive dragging functionality, they provide direct numeric input and they are the smallest possible expression of a widget. But perhaps most of all, they are extensively proven and familiar to all professional, semi professional and amateur graphics designers, video editors and post producers worldwide that use any Adobe program (and they are a LOT), so we're making them feel at home in Kdenlive.

I personally have used extensively this kind of widget and I long for it in every other program I also use. They are so useful and so efficient that I seriously wonder myself, how is that all the other programs haven't implemented it yet!!

Regarding the lack of limits awarenes while dragging, this doesn't seem to affect the ability to drag at all. Moreover, there are parameters that doesn't have limits at all, like a position coordinate or a rotation, for example...

Regarding the current Kdenlive implementation shown in 'jb' mockup, I like it!! well done!! :)
I'd just remove (or hide) the slider by default (perhaps giving the chance to bring it back with an option in the program Preferences)
Another thing I'd remove from sight are the Reset icon, substituting it with a 'right click option' over the numeric value.

In my opinion anything that allows the UI to devote more size to the actual video and timeline and less to any other controls is a good thing!
(I'd of course also hide the top buttons bar by default, and perhaps place a Render button in the already present bottom toolbar to save more space. But that's for another discussion ;)

Well, just my 0,0001 cent


2011/1/27 jb <>
On Thursday 27 January 2011 05:42:39 Alexandre Prokoudine wrote:
> > I haven't seen this new Krita widget yet, can you point me to a
> > screenshot showing it?
> > Thanks!
> Don't have it around, but it should be something in the lines of:

The current KOffice implementation is not really efficient in my opinion. It does
not support mouse wheel, nor direct value input through keyboard, and the
up/down arrow are too small to be useful.

About Till's current widget, I also find it disturbing not to see the
boundaries, user has no idea whether the max value is 100 or 6000. Also, I
prefer linear scale when dragging, but it's not really useful when you need to
scroll from 0 to 6000 (yes, some effects have that value range) - you would
need to drag 6 times your whole monitor width to go to the may value...

After thinking a bit about it, I posted a screenshot showing a possible widget
that might come around the limitations noted above. You can see a mockup at:

However I have no idea how hard it would be to implement it, I only thought
about the design for the moment.


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