(How can I comment on an issue I have not submitted myself ?)

I got caught by the same problem as the one reported in issue 1501, feeling the transitions are backwards.
If you add video in these steps, you will see the problem:

- Prepare 2 video tracks, video1 (on top on the timeline display) and video2 (on the second row)
- Add a video that goes from seconds 0 to 15 on track 'video 1'
- Add a video that goes from seconds 10 to 25 on track 'video 2'
- Add a dissolve transition between these two videos spanning seconds 10 to 15.

Now if you step through the transition, you will see that the first frame of the transition will go with video 2, then video 1 fades in, then at the end there is again a sharp transition to video 2.
What puzzled me was that the transition is set to 'auto' when selecting the track, so I expected it to transition from the one start is running to the one that is going past the end of the first one. But actually it simply goes from track 2 to 1.

Would there be a way to have the tracks selected according to their runtime, as in most cases, one will extend towards the beginning of the timeline, and the other towards the end. In the case where this does not apply, then the track apply, and the settings be modified by the user.