I'm a relative newcomer to kdenlive, having moved off kino because I really needed a multitrack NLE to get my work done in a reasonable time.  I think it's great, but I'm really keen to see a more stable version than what I'm using.

Someone else asked about the status of the 0.6 release that was expected in March, and that was my question too, especially as it's the end of April already.  Obviously these things take time, devs have lives too, and so on, so rather than complaining I'd prefer to make a suggestion and offer to help.

I think the kdenlive user community could benefit from 1) more information into what's happening in the development process, and 2) some svn snapshot releases that are known to build and run fairly well (along with their dependency information.  I've had trouble since my distro stopped shipping a kdenlive binary, since the kdenlive I have won't run against newer ffmpeg releases)

What I'd like to do is to monitor this list and/or SVN commits for development information, and update a news page somewhere -- kdenlive.org or the wiki?? -- to let people know what's going on.  I'd also like to do something towards item 2, but I'll let the devs tell me how best to go about it.

Jared Henley.