The MLT-Version (based on the local RPM database) is 0.2.4-0. The MLT++ version is 0.2.2-0. I used the rpm package from http://packman.links2linux.de/packages/kdenlive


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Thanks for the feedback

On Tue, Mar 25, 2008 at 2:06 AM, Roland Kaeser <roli8200@yahoo.de> wrote:
> I just had the pleasure to cut a short film (about 3 minutes) using the
> 0.6-svn version from 2008-01-06 (created by packman

Do you know what the MLT version is? Basically, the SVN version of
kdenlive requires the SVN version of MLT to function correctly. I
think it rerquires it for compilation, but who know what a packager is
doing without digging out the details. If you can locate a MLT package
version, that would help.

> Sometimes the preview-window remains black when moving the seek marker
> across the timeline unless I switch to the cut tool and back to the
> positioning  tool.

I am having a lot of problems with scrubbing in kdenlive SVN (about a
month old checkout). I have to spend nearly all of my time in the MLT
code, so I don't get to look into some things on kdenlive. Anyone
else? I will have to see if this workaround helps for me too.

> 3: It seems that the multithreading programming behind the export functions
> have some bugs in it. When I export the timeline to a moviefile or dvd, the
> export progress bar moves until 99% and 1 second before ending of the job
> and holds on. The background process, used to render the export remains in
> memory when the programm has ended and consumes a lot of cpu power.

Hmm, this appears as though the kdenlive and mlt checkouts not in
synchronization - a typical problem using packages from SVN snapshots
where there is not a lot of testing of the packages to ensure the
checkouts properly represent the attempts for project coordination.,

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