Hello kdenlive-devel!

Sorry if the message is inappropriate for this mailing list.

My goal is to edit AVCHD (h264/AC3) files in kdenlive. The videos are generated from my Panasonic HDC-SD1 camcorder and are all interlaced or 1080i. For what is worth, I can play these files properly on my linux box (Pentium D 3Ghz, Ubuntu 8.10 amd64, GeForce 9500 GT) using the following combinations:

  1) mplayer + CoreAvc-for-linux
      ~80-95% CPU w/ 2-cores. A/V out-of-sync but "corrected" with -mc 100
     ./mplayer -vc coreserve -demuxer lavf file.m2ts
     (have been unsuccessful at enabling CUDA support.)

  2) mplayer+ffh264vdpau (using mplayer HEAD revs)
      ~30-40% CPU w/ 1-core only. No A/V sync issues. HW deinterlacing fine.
      ./mplayer -vo vdpau:deint=2 -vc ffh264vdpau -demuxer lavf file.m2ts

  3) ffplay/ffmpeg (HEAD revs)
      ~80% CPU w/ 1 core only. No A/V sync issue. No deinterlacing.
      ./ffplay -skiploop 48 -threads 4 file.m2ts

I understand kdenlive uses ffmpeg and that VDPAU support in kdenlive is not ready yet. However, I expect kdenlive to behave similarly to option (3) at least, but unfortunately the playback in the clip monitor is pretty choppy and nowhere near any of the options above.

I tried recompiling kdenlive's src/recmonitor.cpp and added the skiploop and threads option (above) with no success; i.e. the behavior is apparently the same as without it. I'm not sure if the change is actually in effect and if that's the right place to add it.

Any help is appreciated.