>The exporting is a curious problem.
>Did it create a valid file? Is main problem just a process cleanup and
>CPU consumption at the end?

In case of exporting a movie file (dv, mpeg,etc), it creates a valid file. If exporting the DVD it just creates a single vob file in the temp directory but not the dvd file structures or a iso file.


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On Wed, Mar 26, 2008 at 2:21 PM, Roland Kaeser <roli8200@yahoo.de> wrote:

> The MLT-Version (based on the local RPM database) is 0.2.4-0. The MLT++

OK, checking the history, and the kdenlive snapshot date was before I
made a lot of interface breaking changes in MLT. So, this should be a
rather safe combination. However, I can not comment much on the
kdenlive situation at the time. The exporting is a curious problem.
Did it create a valid file? Is main problem just a process cleanup and
CPU consumption at the end?

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