Dan Dennedy wrote:
2009/12/24 dan williams <dan_williams@sunshine.net>:
that comment was inspried from me giving up on the precompiled binaries and
trying to compile it myself, the versions that were available (without me
running unstable) were all wrong, it was really frustrating.

I see. Dependency version problems?


out the yingyang and back, partly cause of the packaging time delay of debian, downloading all the dependencies direct turned into a cascaded upgrade nightmare.
its something that stabalizes over time, so I just decided to wait.

heh, I 'been here' for more than a year, I wont say its cause I cant work
out how to get off the mailing list, but its been interesting watching the
problems that come in.

If you think this is bad, you should see the bug tracker and forums!

it would take me as long write something new as to work my way around the
piles of stuff kdenlive is made of, esp as I have no idea how it grew into
all its dependencies.

We can help you focus in on a particular area of interest as it is all
very well layered and modular: obviously frei0r and LADSPA as plugins,
but also within FFmpeg and MLT - a bit less so within Kdenlive, but
not too bad. However, you will need to get over the custom build hump.

how hard would it be to strip off all the layers and modules down to the point where the only thing you can do is open a particular flavor of video, say mjpeg,  unscaled Planar 422P, be able to do only sequencing of that, no transitions, no video capture, no forign languages, no subtitles, no subtitles, just glue together clips. ?


I don't intend any insult to your project, its the compilation of a lot of
good work.

OK, thanks.

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