I was interested to see what the reaction to that would be like!

Dan Dennedy wrote:
On Thu, Dec 24, 2009 at 7:04 AM, dan williams <dan_williams@sunshine.net> wrote:
I'v found no evidence that there is a system it dosn't crash on. I'm

I've found no evidence there is a software video editor any any system
that doesn't crash.

well I cant disagree...

running debian and cant really do anything to any video without it
ducking out. so I sorta gave up.
Its not really the kdenlive developers fault, from what I'v seen, the
MLT libraries change in non-backwards compatible ways at a rate nobody
can keep up with.

LMAO. You are an idiot.

that comment was inspried from me giving up on the precompiled binaries and trying to compile it myself, the versions that were available (without me running unstable) were all wrong, it was really frustrating.

I'm keeping my ear on the mailing list hoping that someone will fork an
extremely simplified version of kdenlive that can actually do basic
video sequencing without crashing.

There are plenty of other things to try. What about my old app Kino?

I think I tried that, I dont know what my problem was with it.

Kdenlive was something I tried instead of making my own program that did
frame decomposition and resequencing, cause ya know, why re-invent the

Indeed. So why aren't you helping instead of just coming around here
and being an asshole?


heh, I 'been here' for more than a year, I wont say its cause I cant work out how to get off the mailing list, but its been interesting watching the problems that come in.
it would take me as long write something new as to work my way around the piles of stuff kdenlive is made of, esp as I have no idea how it grew into all its dependencies.

I don't intend any insult to your project, its the compilation of a lot of good work.

thats my take,



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