When making slideshows with many photo's one would like to have a sort of random transitions in between the many photo's.

On my holidays I make movies (quite obvious) and also lots of digital photo's. Sometimes I make DVD-slideshows from these photo's, but my movie projects always consist of a couple of chapters(= menu items) with video and at the end one or more chapters(= menu items) with photo slideshows, mostly ordered by the location and/or subject.

Whereas many transitions in a video make your video tiresome and boring (count the number of transitions in a "real" movie), you can't have enough (random) transitions in your slideshow.

Is it possible to add a "wizard-like"  popup requesting to add (random) transitions when adding multiple clips? I request this for the primarily for the photo slideshows, but it can also come in handy when adding multiple video/text/color/image clips at once.

The wizard-like popup would show up like:
[checkbox]  Add default transition between clips
[checkbox]  Add random transitions between clips
[checkbox]  Do not add transitions

                            [OK] [Cancel]

This would require some extra setting in Settings-> configure kdenlive -> Misc.
 - Default transition duration:  xx seconds
-  Default transition: [ Select popup with available transitions]
 - Ask for adding (random) transitions when adding multiple clips: [checkbox]

And next to these settings (which is not too difficult), a lot of programming in the Gui and so on is needed.
The problem (challenge?) however, that with the current way of working in kdenlive, the clips should be positioned on alternating tracks as the transitions now act from one track onto another, OR, transitions should also be able to wok on clips in the same track.

JB (or some other guru programmer): Can you comment on this and is this a feasible wish?

kind regards,