oh, sorry, i forgot you use the .pot file :)
i was talking about the .rc file way of translating

sorry :)

On Tue, Mar 31, 2009 at 4:22 PM, jb <jb@kdenlive.org> wrote:
On Tuesday 31 March 2009 16:14:43 Javier Agustėn Fernāndez Arroyo wrote:
> hello, im looking for the .rc file, but cant find it... could someone
> redirect me to it please?

The .rc file? Don't know what you are talking about... What you need is the
updated kdenlive.pot file in /po, then you can do a message-merge to update
your .po translation file...

If you were thinking about the rc.cpp file mentionned in the .pot file, it is a
temporary file that collects infos from the effects/*.xml and src/widgets/*.ui



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