Many thanks to you, devs and testers, to bring us this great software :)
keep up the good work!

On Mon, Dec 29, 2008 at 4:11 PM, Mads Bondo Dydensborg <> wrote:
mandag 29 December 2008 skrev jb:
> Hello everyone.
> I just released Kdenlive 0.7.1. ( ) There were
> a few pending issues but I have no more time today and won't have time in
> next days, so I think the best was to release.

Great news and a great job!

> I hope to do the next release early in february, and I think I will try to
> focus on usability for that next release (shortcuts + redesign of rendering
> dialog).

I have taken the liberty to move the issues targeted for 0.7.1, for which
there are no pending commits, to 0.7.2. There is a single issue (496) which
is targeted for 0.7.1, that has a fix in SVN, but is waiting for confirmation
from the reporter (jmpoure).

I am tempted to add all the open crash issues to 0.7.2... could the focus be
both usability and stability? (As an opposite to "new features") There are 8
acknowledged open crash issues. (Some of these will probably die when
revisited, but others may crop up from the new/feedback ones).



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