hi again,

Reinhard Amersberger wrote:

I wouldn't be reinhard if I wouldn't  be continue to be a pain in a neck because of this permanent wishes for more keyboard shortcuts ;-)) Sorry guys, but I really like it to work this way.
keyboard shortcuts are great.
Ok, lets go. 
It would be nice to move this edit not only by using D&D with the mouse, but also with the arrows L/R for example to move the edit by frames. So the nearest edit could be selected automatically in relation to the playhead and the selected track, for example. Also the edit could be moved by first typing a value, using the keypad just like 110, and finally hitting enter to move the edit to right by 1 second and 10 frames.
i think those are good ideas. they certain would give the user more control and precision. i also want to add tool tips that appear as you drag with the mouse and let the you know how much time is left on the clip.  i'll add these to the to do list on cvs.
Also you could think about rolling just one side of the edit, to change the overall sequence duration, using this method? 
take a look at the slip and slide edits too. http://www.informit.com/articles/article.asp?p=29877&seqNum=2
i'll be adding these as time permits.
Reinhard 'the pain in the neck' Amersberger ;-)


On Sunday 31 October 2004 02:35, Rob Hare wrote:
Hi everyone,

I have committed changes to Kdenlive for the timeline roll edit.

Find info on the roll edit here.

I added a very bad icon to the toolbar. I'll update this later. You can
also select this tool with the 'R' hotkey.  Changes made by this tool
have been added to the undo command.

Please test this tool and let me know if you have any suggestions, find
any bugs, etc..



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