Has anyone done an assessment of what it would take to get master working without reverting all the refactor changes? I would predict that if you revert the refactor, and keep making changes to master, they will diverge and the refactor changes will never be able to be reapplied. I did a quick assessment of the refactor changes, and I believe those changes are important for the long term evolution of Kdenlive.

While the master branch can not edit video right now, the 0.9 branch can. If all people need is some bug fixes, I recommend those changes be made in the 0.9 branch and any 0.9.x releases can be made from there.

If someone is volunteering to add major features, then those changes should be made in master. But if someone is willing and able to make major feature changes, then I would wonder if they would be able to get master working without reverting the refactor.


From: Jean-Nicolas Artaud <jeannicolasartaud@gmail.com>
To: kdenlive-devel@lists.sourceforge.net
Sent: Sunday, November 24, 2013 1:22 PM
Subject: [Kdenlive-devel] Let's make KDEnlive lives again together

Hello KDEnlive people,

I'm new to the list, my name is Jean-Nicolas Artaud, but you may know me as morice-net on IRC. I've already contributed on calligra, especialy stage (even if I began with KOffice and KPresenter). I'm engineer in software development (C++/Qt) and I contribute on my free time only, trying my best  :-) I also have an organisation background with some events I manage in Toulouse, France.

What makes me come to you ? Plenty of KDEnlive fans and users are sad that their favourite open software doesn't have any evolution for a while. Technicaly speaking the master is in a broken state. Jean-Baptiste Mardelle has begun a big refactoring, and we can see no push on the master since the 4th of June. In two weeks, it will have long 6 months without a commit, and the state of the master is "broken".

What I would like to do ? I can see that the community is present, both in an user and a developer PoV. I just would like to set the master in a good state, so that people can contribute again, and help me in fixing bugs and adding missing features and making this software lives again. That would be awesome. To realise this, I am wondering if you guys would be okay in the plan I'm discribing on the next paragraph.

The commit that breaks the master is the merge from "refactoring" branch. The previous one is
commit restart plan:
commit 28a2b7fa96cab650b3d8c0747962439f87b6ec32
Author: Jean-Baptiste Mardelle <jb@kdenlive.org>
Date:   Wed Jun 5 12:43:04 2013 +0200

    Small cleanup and fix crash when switching to SDL display

To reset the master in a good state, I guess it's a good start. By the way, the refactoring work cannot be lost. It's something that needs info so why not just putting it in a branch waiting the return of king Jean-Baptiste.

So what do you think of that ? Am I wrong in some points ? Do you agree with me.

I wouldn't like KDEnlive to stop involve, so I guess we'll make this change in something like 2 or 3 weeks. I would appreciate some returns of you to sure that it is the good way to do !

Thanks for reading


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