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 ca 2009-12-14 herrej01 herrej01 [ab9b78] Updated catalan translation by Orestes Mas
 cs 2011-07-22 repli2dev repli2dev [c659ba] Updated czech translation
 da 2010-04-02 freefrag freefrag [4d9beb] Corrected typo
 de 2011-09-11 ttill ttill [452def] German translation update
 el 2010-09-24 logari81 logari81 [355c77] Some small improvements in the Greek translation
 es 2011-07-24 gab3d gab3d [dc5154] Spanish Translation update.
 et 2010-10-20 j-b-m j-b-m [18e0e4] Estonian translation by Heiki Nooremäe
 fi 2010-02-07 antti-s antti-s [10c7d0] translations for 0.7.7
 fr 2011-09-10 j-b-m j-b-m [385921] Fix french translation for "affine"
 gl 2010-02-03 fjavierpico fjavierpico [0b4f8d] Galician translation update
 he 2010-09-13 j-b-m j-b-m [022267] Updated Hebrew translation by Amir
 hr 2010-09-03 granjow granjow [f2a043] Croatian translation updated.
 hu 2011-05-27 kami_ kami_ [95596b] Updated Hungarian translation
 it 2011-09-27 opensourcecat opensourcecat [fcefce] another little italian update
 nl 2011-10-21 j-b-m j-b-m [873f93] updated dutch translation by Ronald Stroethoff
 pl 2010-09-13 Marco Gittler Marco Gittler [785c03] Merge branch 'gmarco' of ssh://kdenlive.git.sou...
 pt 2009-10-03 j-b-m j-b-m [0923fd] New portuguese translation by José JORGE
 pt_BR 2011-08-19 soares_souza soares_souza [30fc38] Minor fix in pt_BR strings
 ru 2011-10-31 prokoudine prokoudine [6587c8] Updated Russian translation
 sl 2010-01-18 j-b-m j-b-m [132dc4] updated slovenian translation by miles
 tr 2009-07-29 j-b-m j-b-m [f0ed57] New turkish translation
 uk 2011-07-22 yurchor yurchor [f70d6f] kdenlive.pot update, Ukrainian translation upda...
 zh 2010-09-14 granjow granjow [33dec7] zh_TW translation by Tryneeds/Franklin Weng
 zh_CN 2011-02-28 j-b-m j-b-m [06789b] Simplified Chinese translation by linux dabao
 zh_TW 2011-05-11 granjow granjow [49f833] Adding updated zh_TW translation contributed by...
 CMakeLists.txt 2011-04-20 granjow granjow [afb56f] Added zh_TW translation contributed by Kentxchang
 CORRECT_THESE 2011-07-11 granjow granjow [e1d2f8] Some few translation updates (German)
 README 2011-03-30 yurchor yurchor [1403a0] fix typo: Plese->Please
 kdenlive.pot 2011-07-22 yurchor yurchor [f70d6f] kdenlive.pot update, Ukrainian translation upda... 2009-03-04 j-b-m j-b-m [5b2eaf] copy KDE4 branch to triunk/kdenlive 2009-06-30 j-b-m j-b-m [e944c8] updated script for translation progress info

Read Me

This file is intended to contain tips and Q/A for translating.

* What is String Freeze?
  Some weeks (usually 2) before a new release, string freeze is declared. From then it is guaranteed that 
  no strings in the source code will be changed anymore so that translators can work without constantly
  having to update again and again.

* There is a duplicate string (like «Clip:» and «Clip: » or «Audio device» and «Audio Device»). What to do?
  Either file a bug report on mantis, or add the strings to the CORRECT_THESE file in this directory so that
  they can be corrected for the next release. 

* There is some other weird thing (singular form has to be translated both separately and together with its plural form, etc.)
  As above: Bug report or CORRECT_THESE file.

* There is HTML and some CDATA tags in a string to translate.
  Yes. This is not a mistake but intended, for formatting. Please keep these tags :)