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 debian 2006-05-17 j-b-m j-b-m [0a52c8] Added debian repository for .deb creation
 doc 2006-03-02 j-b-m j-b-m [ebb045] More compile fix
 graphics 2006-04-28 j-b-m j-b-m [a68e3d] New Splash screen
 icons 2006-05-30 j-b-m j-b-m [7a107d] Make icon less transparent
 kdenlive 2006-05-30 j-b-m j-b-m [8e9fe6] * display video thumbnails by default
 po 2005-10-15 blendamedt blendamedt [192232] some fie for windows id in krender
 profiles 2006-04-23 j-b-m j-b-m [4d98d4] updated profile
 templates 2003-04-27 uchian uchian [379749] Finally got around to adding some keyboard shor...
 .cvsignore unknown
 AUTHORS 2006-02-28 j-b-m j-b-m [2d7c8d] adding mysef too :)
 COPYING 2008-11-12 j-b-m j-b-m [4b2a2e] Adding usual files (README, ...) that were missing
 ChangeLog 2004-10-14 jmpoure jmpoure [cfca55] Adding a title, no change
 Doxyfile 2005-03-31 uchian uchian [27908c] Added Doxyfile to cvs for doxygen generation of...
 INSTALL 2004-10-14 jmpoure jmpoure [00dee7] No need to create a symlink anymore. 2006-04-20 j-b-m j-b-m [b8ac27] Install new profiles for video export
 Makefile.cvs 2005-10-13 luciocorrea luciocorrea [b631b9] Makefile.cvs was missing in cvs
 Makefile.dist unknown
 README 2004-03-16 uchian uchian [1c39b2] Final update for Kdenlive 0.2.4 before tagging.
 TODO 2004-10-15 jmpoure jmpoure [39d2b2] Add Rolf suggestions
 bootstrap 2004-10-13 jmpoure jmpoure [574174] Adding default shell to allow execution. 2006-05-30 j-b-m j-b-m [b56c88] update to version 0.3
 kdenlive.lsm 2003-04-27 uchian uchian [379749] Finally got around to adding some keyboard shor...
 kdenlive.spec 2003-07-13 uchian uchian [65af2f] Refactored timeline tools, they now use a decor...

Read Me

Kdenlive V 0.2.4 by Jason Wood <>

Kdenlive is a video editing application for KDE. It will eventually run on
any machine that KDE can run on.

This is a development release, and has at least some known bugs. Please check the
project page for more information, and to report new bugs.

To use Kdenlive, you will need to download and install Piave, available from
the following webpage :

This version of Kdenlive requires Piave version 0.2.4. It may work with different 
versions, but this is not guaranteed, or (at this stage of development) likely.

Then, go to the Settings->configure Kdenlive menu, and type in or browse to
the location where PIave is installed. Restart Kdenlive for the changes to take 

This is a stable release of Kdenlive. All known major bugs have been removed, but
that doesn't mean that there aren't any. In particular, it is advised that you use
something more feature-complete if you have a tight deadline to reach ;-)

We welcome all bug reports, feedback and offers for help! so please contact me
if you have any queries or interest in Kdenlive's future.


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