Username/Password Error

  • Dave

    Dave - 2005-01-18

    A day or two ago KCheckGmail started reporting an invalid username or password when attempting to log in.  Cleared/re-entered a few times, recreated the rc config file, etc...  Account works fine on of course. 



    • Kenyon Ralph

      Kenyon Ralph - 2005-01-25

      Yeah I've been getting the same problem for a while.  If you retry a bunch of times you'll eventually get in, but today I'm not getting in at all, so I'm checking out mail-notification...

      • Kenyon Ralph

        Kenyon Ralph - 2005-01-25

        Trying mail-notification ( it sucks compared to kcheckgmail, but it is able to login. :(

    • Kenyon Ralph

      Kenyon Ralph - 2005-01-25

      By the way, Bug #1106437 ( is about this problem.

    • Matthew Wlazlo

      Matthew Wlazlo - 2005-01-25

      Ok, I've tracked it down and fixed the problem.

      I'll make a new release later today


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