did this stop working for anybody else?

  • Kenyon Ralph

    Kenyon Ralph - 2005-08-12

    Just wondering if kcheckgmail stopped showing new emails for anybody else, or if it's just me.  Just stopped working today I think.

    • francismacomber

      francismacomber - 2005-08-12

      Yes, same problem here. Happened sometime this morning I think.

    • gabriel

      gabriel - 2005-08-13

      I have news mails in gmail's box, kcheckgmail connect to my account but not detect new mails :?

      kcheckgmail 0.5.3a (kubuntu linux)

    • Dave

      Dave - 2005-08-14

      Yes, same with everyone... I believe.  Able to login properly, but cannot detect (and consequently display/notify) new messages.  I emailed the author also, just since this project has slowed in development since the last version (I believe).



    • niniendo warrior

      Yup... stopped for me too.

      No new e-mails.  Same report as anyone else.

    • Matthew Wlazlo

      Matthew Wlazlo - 2005-08-17

      Thanks everyone, there's a new release that should have it working again.

    • gabriel

      gabriel - 2005-08-17

      Thanks man, Kcheckgmail works fine for me now! your work is exclelent, congratulations.. ;)

    • niniendo warrior

      Thank you for fixing it.  It's a very helpful software.


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