Usman Ajmal - 2009-04-09

I want to visualize the contents of an image file in the form of rectangles like those used in FSView to view contents of a file system or in Kcachgrind to view the characteristics of profiling.

In order to save my time and save myself from reinventing the wheel i will really be thankful to you if you can tell me as to which parts of your developed kcachegrind, in your view, can i make use of to make my program.

After looking at the source code of FSView...the only thing i figured out is that treemap.cpp draws the rectangles with the help of QPainter but i don't know what inputs does it take and how can i use it to meet my needs..

Lastly sorry for i mailed same query with a little detail to you personal email id. I came across this mailing list just a while after i send email to you

Usman Ajmal