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  • PHP 5.4 compatible
  • HTML editor upgraded to CKEditor v4.1.1
Posted by Evgeny Leontev 2013-05-23

KBPublisher 2.0.1 released

This is bug fix release.
Some compatibility with IIS fixed.
If you have problem with version 2.0 then it is recommended to upgrade.

Posted by Evgeny Leontev 2007-05-03

Knowledegebase Publisher 2.0 stable released

Stable 2.0 version available to download.

Posted by Evgeny Leontev 2007-02-24

Knowledegebase Publisher 2.0RC1 released

- Feature added: Attachment for contact form
- Feature added: Keywords for article added to search
(article is searchable by keywords)
- Bugs fixed

Posted by Evgeny Leontev 2007-01-16

Knowledegebase Publisher 2.0beta2 released

- Confirmation code (captcha) added to comment, contact, registration
- All known bugs fixed

Posted by Evgeny Leontev 2006-12-17

Knowledegebase Publisher 2.0beta released

A lot of changes.

Welcome to test it.

- Attachments support
- Related articles support
- RSS feeds support
- Quick responce (when user fills "Contact Us" form)
- "Contact Us" data saved in DB, later it could be easily copied to KB
- Email Templates (all email templates could be easily customized)
- Email Settings such as mailer, sendmail, smtp etc.
now could be managed in settings section
- Improved, more flexible and usable "Settings" + more setting values
- Meta keywords, description for article
- CategoryID removed from KB links, now article could be safely moved between categories (old links are valid)... read more

Posted by Evgeny Leontev 2006-12-03

Version 1.5.2 released.

Some minor bugs fixed in 1.5.2 version.
In some configuration it was a problem to add/update administartors - fixed now.

Posted by Evgeny Leontev 2006-09-29

Knowledegebase Publisher 1.5 released

It looks like 1.5RC1 is stable.
Some minor bugs fixed in 1.5 version.

Posted by Evgeny Leontev 2006-07-19

Knowledegebase Publisher 1.5 RC1 released

- Feature added: Users can ask questions (question send by email)
- Feature added: Abilty to protect access to KB (for registered users only)
- Feature added: Abilty to protect any category (registered users only can view that entries)
- Feature added: Abilty to make any category active/inactive
- Feature added: Advanced search
- Feature added: "Client View" tab in admin area
- Some bugs fixed

Posted by Evgeny Leontev 2006-06-18

Knowledegebase Publisher 1.2.3 released

Knowledegebase Publisher 1.2.3 released.

Some bugs fixed. Acctually not bugs but my misprints. I should be more attentive.

Posted by Evgeny Leontev 2006-04-13

Knowledegebase Publisher 1.2.2 released

Knowledegebase Publisher 1.2.2 released.
Some bugs were found in 1.2 version (unable to update admin user)
Fixed now.

Posted by Evgeny Leontev 2006-03-26

Knowledegebase Publisher 1.2 released

- Feature added: New output format (simple faq)
- Feature added: Display all glossary definitions on one page
- Feature added: Glossary item can be configured to be
displayed once per article

More settings added.
It is more customizable now.

Posted by Evgeny Leontev 2006-03-08

Knowledegebase Publisher 1.1 released

Knowledegebase Publisher 1.1 released.

- How it is compatible with PHP 5.0.5
(I hope it also compatible with other 5 versions)

There was a bug in 1.0 version (script added slash to ' and " signs) it fixed now.

Posted by Evgeny Leontev 2005-11-30

Version 1.0 Stable Released

Finaly stable version released.
Initial bugs fixed.

Posted by Evgeny Leontev 2005-10-26

Version 1.0 RC2 released

Some initial bugs fixed.
Now it is ready for translation. (see FAQ file)

Posted by Evgeny Leontev 2005-09-18

Version 1.0 RC1 released

Version 1.0 RC1 released
Some common bugs fixed.

Posted by Evgeny Leontev 2005-09-05

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