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0.2.0 Released

Posted by Michael Speth 2014-09-08

0.1.8 Released

Keyboarding Master 0.1.8 Beta has been released. This version primarily fixes some of the installation problems and udev rules problems.

There are still issues with Ubuntu 13.10 which I think is due to the kernel 3.11.x and above. I am looking into this problem (which also effects me due to a recent upgrade). The problem is the key inputs are not registering through jinput (the native library that works with Keyboarding Master). Hopefully the next release will see a fix.... read more

Posted by Michael Speth 2014-02-09

Release 0.1.7

I have released beta version 0.1.7 today. This one fixes a problem with the configuration UI for the Belkin n52. So its a fairly light release and only effects Belkin n52 owners. Everyone else can remain on 0.1.6.

On another note, I am moving house and will be on holiday for the next 2 months travelling. So I may be fairly silent until late this year early next year. While I am away, I won't be able to work on devices since I will just have my laptop. However, there is a chance that I start researching the server backend possibly using google app engine; this would be for the social features and sharing capability. ... read more

Posted by Michael Speth 2013-09-16

Release 0.1.6

Another month, another release. This time, its 0.1.6. There are some really exciting devices added in this release including the Belkin n52 gaming keyboard and the Razer Naga mouse. BIG NOTE, the naga mouse is experimental and the x-axis/y-axis do not function properly. Its the same as the Razer Taipan. So if you want to try out the Razer Naga, please have a 2nd mouse connected to your computer in order to control the cursor.... read more

Posted by Michael Speth 2013-09-09

Release 0.1.5

I am happy to announce that Beta Version 0.1.5 is now available. The big feature of this release is the addition of the Belkin n52te gaming keyboard!

Belkin n52te

I have also rearranged the profile UI which I think helps new users understand the interface. Please let me know what you think.

Profile UI... read more

Posted by Michael Speth 2013-08-29

Release 0.1.4

I am happy to announce version 0.1.4 has been released. I have been continuously working on Keyboard Master and finally found some time to make a release and blog about it. This release seeing the inclusion of the first mouse device: the Razer Taipan! Unfortunately, the x-axis and y-axis remapping doesn't function properly so I cannot recommend using it at this time. You can add the device just to see what the configuration options are though. ... read more

Posted by Michael Speth 2013-08-24

Razer Taipan

I have been idle for a while for a number of reasons. Partly due to really getting into Awesomenauts (40H of gameplay) and also trying to figure out what lies ahead. We will be moving yet again (4th time since moving to NZ and traveling) since my current company will not be renewing my employment contract (it was for only 2 years).

So I have some time to work on kbmaster now and will probably be ideal most of the fall and into the new year.... read more

Posted by Michael Speth 2013-07-23

Beta 0.1.3

I have released Beta 0.1.3 today. This is a very minor update but provides a vital feature: System Tray Support. In 2012, I had major problems with the System Tray with both Gnome 3 and Unity. It seems that at least for Unity (App Indicators), the latest version of java has the System Tray implemented correctly. This is great news and means that I can stop working on the JAppIndicator sub project. The version of JavaFX released with Java 8 will also have native support for System Tray so it should be smooth sailing in 2014 when Java 8 is finally released.... read more

Posted by Michael Speth 2013-07-02

Just in time for E3

Keyboarding Master 0.1.2 has just been released. This release includes a big fix to deleting profiles. Import & export of profiles is now functional. Images are also now embedded in the profile (before the images were stored in a separate directory).

These changes mean that the previous profiles will no longer work. You will have to remake the profiles. I will attempt to minimize this as the development continues.... read more

Posted by Michael Speth 2013-06-12

Beta 0.1.1

I have released a very minor update to the beta today. Download it here. This has fixed a performance problem when using the configuration menu multiple times. The configuration menu also loads the profile that was already specified. Meaning, the profile that is in the device menu table associated with the device, will be automatically loaded in the configuration menu.... read more

Posted by Michael Speth 2013-06-08

Beta Released

I have released the first official Beta of Keyboarding Master! There are two installers, one for 32-bit architectures and the other for 64-bit architectures. Each installer has the Oracle JRE embedded so there are no external dependencies required to use the software. There are several bugs/issues that are noted in the readme.

Note, the Razer Nostromo is the only supported device. I plan on adding additional devices in future releases.... read more

Posted by Michael Speth 2013-05-29

The bits and pieces before Beta

My internal ToDo list has been gradually whittled down and I am left with just two entries left before a public beta is released. The Beta will be by no means perfect, but it should be stable and provides the same features as jnostromo with just one exception. I won't be enabling the "edit mode" button. This will be for a later release.

The windows now have a much sleeker look. The window decorations have been removed and replaced with transparently fading and rounded edges. I am using someone's library to accomplish this effect. By removing the Window Decorations, the control over the movement of the window now has to be handled by the program (instead of the window manager). I have found its not all that smooth and this particular code will need to be worked on at a later time. Here is the Device Configuration Menu that has the new window decorations.... read more

Posted by Michael Speth 2013-05-20

Select Profile Menu (New)

Its been a while since I have updated the progress. I have been working pretty hard (except for a week vacation to the northland of NZ). Keyboarding Master is almost ready for a public Beta release. I have to iron out a few minor details before (like getting a license for the installer). I also plan on releasing (1.0) to Ubuntu's Software Center and even better, Steam for linux!!!!. I have been thinking about charging for the release (maybe $5) since I don't think donations are working out for me. Note, the software will always be FOSS and has a GPLv3 license. So those that want to download the code and compile it themselves are welcome to do that.... read more

Posted by Michael Speth 2013-05-05

New Device Menu

I have been busy working on adding in necessary features. The latest is a new Menu UI for managing devices. Its something that I had originally planned to incorperate into the configuration UI but the configuration UI already has enough "stuff".

Instead, I have decided to break out the management of the device into its own UI. The device menu will open after the login screen instead of the configuration ui. The configuration ui can accessed through the menu ui by selecting the device and the configuration button. I think this will greatly simplify device management and will allow for a more intuitive usage of the tool.... read more

Posted by Michael Speth 2013-04-13 Labels: ui device

Working Profile UI

Working Profile UI I have been working very hard on Keyboarding Master and feel I am getting closer to an alpha release. The alpha will be a fully functional release, ie a user will be able to create profiles and use the profiles with their devices. The first device planned in the Alpha is the Razer Nostromo. The second device will be the Razer Naga followed by the Belkin N52 & N52te (since the driver is exactly the same for the N52x's).

The image to the left is a from a working UI. Meaning, I used Keyboarding Master to create a Diablo III app. What's an app? An app is a means of sorting profiles. App's can have a logo and a developer logo. The constraints on the logos are 48x48 for the app logo and 100x48 for the developer logo. All profiles are categorized by Apps. App's can also be either a game type or an application type.

A profile now has the last time it was updated (ie saved) and also the author who created the profile. For now, the creator of the profile can set the author name to anything they want (or leave it blank). Later on when networking is implemented, this field will be automatically set if using a networked account. There is also an information box which the creator can give some details about the profile. For instance, if there are multiple keymaps, it may be useful to describe briefly the purpose of the keymaps.

Well thats it for tonight. I don't have a schedule for the alpha launch. My initial goals was to launch by Jan of this year. Those plans changed when my family was displaced for about 2 months. I am living in a more stable situation so I should be able to get something "soon".
Posted by Michael Speth 2013-04-07

Heart of the Swarm

Mock Profile UI Update The latest expansion to the most popular RTS game and number 1 professional game Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm has been released. It has been a very exciting week with a couple of day launch party streamed on held across several countries. Blizzard has done a great job with marketing and creating hype for this awesome game. Unfortunately for me, I am unable to purchase HOTS with my balance (in USD). Its a problem. For me, I was living in the states when Wings of Liberty was released so I purchased the digital NA version. I have submitted a trouble ticket with support asking them to enable me to purchase the upgrade in US since I own the NA version. Still no response.

Its ok though, because I have loads of work to do on Keyboarding Master. I have been spending several nights a week hammering out the loading of profiles to the Assign Input UI. This new menu is much better than in jnostromo. I am currently on handling keyboard input.

This blog post is about SC2's HOTS and in celebration, I have mocked up a new profile UI which has a new profile for SC2's HOTS. The layout of the profile isn't in code, I just used gimp to see how it could be improved. So far, I really like the look - its more appealing to the eyes than the previous UI design. Below describes each item. ... read more
Posted by Michael Speth 2013-03-16 Labels: starcraft

Well Insulated

We have now moved house again (2nd time within two months). The housing in NZ is plain shit. Luckily for us, we found a new house with "good" insulation and double glaze windows. Its more expensive than the last 2 houses but its also in a better location. We are very close to being unpacked (just some boxes left in the garage we are hoping to unpack this weekend).

Now that we are moved in, I can start back development! I have been slowing getting back into development. I started several web page projects looking into apostrophenow( and playing a bit with kompozer. I'm just not happy with either of these solutions. I want a simple clean web site like Filebot. I may just email asking what he is doing for his web site solution since he is also using sourceforge...... read more

Posted by Michael Speth 2013-02-27

Deleting Profiles

Just 10 days before we move house!!! I am trying to get as much done before the move as possible since logistically, once the move is initiated, I probably won't be able to get back to coding for a few weeks. So I have been trying to hammer out the profile actions. Create & Clone are now complete. Tonight I implemented delete profile as shown in the image below.

Delete Profile UI... read more

Posted by Michael Speth 2013-01-22

The work continues

Greetings All,
My family's recent crisis is still not at an end. The current housing situation is hostile so we are moving yet again which means repacking and packing some more. We think everything will be sorted by mid Feb though including moving house and going to court. In the mean time, I have still been working on Keyboarding Master in my spare time.

The latest in development is the New Profile and New Program Popups. In order to make these functional, I had to further develop the profiles and the database that holds these profiles. This means that the minimal backend work will be needed when developing the rest of the profile actions - it will mainly be UI work.... read more

Posted by Michael Speth 2013-01-20


I haven't been able to work nearly as much on this project than I was projecting due to some unforeseen chemical spraying in my backyard which caused my family to have to quickly move - read more about this here.

So we are semi-established at the new house (more problems here); however, I have been able to dedicate some of my time to working on Keyboarding Master. Its actually one of the things I look forward to through all of the stress. ... read more

Posted by Michael Speth 2013-01-04

JavaFX and the UI

I have started working more on the UI (its been a bit slow due to managing my daily life). Often times, I have to make a decision of what to do for the next 1 or 2 hours (ie, do I sleep, work on Keyboarding Master, or play a computer game). Recently, sleep has been winning.

Here is an update of the login page:
login... read more

Posted by Michael Speth 2012-12-02

jinput accepted

jinput For the jnostromo project, I needed to modify the jinput library. jinput provides an interface to the hardware like keyboards and mice. I had to add two new features called grab and detect. Grab allows software to read events generated by the operating system relating to input devices without passing that information onto other software that might be listening to such events. This allows jnostromo to remap the keypress. Detect provides the jinput library with the ability to detect hardware that has been plugged in after the program started and when existing hardware has been removed from the system.... read more

Posted by Michael Speth 2012-11-28

Login Graphics Udpate

quick update

Just a quick update, after working through some CSS issues, the login menu is nearly finished and the above is the result!

Posted by Michael Speth 2012-11-12

New to JavaFX


I started a new javafx project (using netbeans 7.3 beta 2) and SceneBuilder 1.1. The above is the first UI component of the new project with some alpha art assets. It still very early in development and I am still learning javafx as I go. Scene Builder feels similar to other UI layout tools like the swing tool in previous netbeans versions. I have to get the hang of CSS and FXML, but it seems like a better way of handling styles especially with desktop graphics (I guess desktop graphics can learn from the web). ... read more

Posted by Michael Speth 2012-11-12

New Application

I am excited to announce a new project called Keyboarding Master. Its currently in the planning stage but will quickly move to development. I am the developer of jnostromo project and I have been getting some requests to enable jnostromo to work with other devices such as mice as well as make it work on other platforms like OSX. In order to do this with jnostromo would require a lot of work.

Instead, I thought I could bring my expertise from jnostromo to a new project that is designed from the ground up to handle all types of keyboards and all types of mice. All of the functionality from jnostromo will be present in Keyboarding Master but also include new features like being able to save to the cloud; of course, this is optional. Keyboarding Master will always provide its users the ability to easily save their profiles to file without having to register unlike other driver services! ... read more

Posted by Michael Speth 2012-11-07

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