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Moving to CodePlex

This project has been moved to CodePlex:

All files have been removed from the SVN repository as it no longer represents the latest codebase, but old releases will remain for the time being.

Posted by First Furiatsu 2009-03-24

1.4.0 is out

Some major features and some bug fixes:

+ Added ability to customize keyboard and mouse shortcuts (Press F1 to do so).
+ Added ability to move all visible images to a specified folder (M).
+ Added EXIF rotation.
+ Added setting for starting fullscreen. Can remember fullscreen state, always start fullscreen or always windowed (Press F4 for options).
* Fixed issue with images of an unknown pixel format all being labelled image duplicates of each other and missing the proper buffer color.
* Fixed problem with not being able to select or expand the first directory in the settings dialog.
* Fixed exception thrown when trying to add a folder that has an inaccessible subfolder. Inaccessible folders now simply are not searched for images.

Posted by First Furiatsu 2009-03-24

1.3.1 is out

1.3.1 is out the door. First, it allows you to more finely pick which folders will be included in your library, and second it gets rid of those few annoying non-black pixels on the right and bottom sides.

Posted by First Furiatsu 2008-12-08

1.3 is out

1.3 is out. I've caved and switched over to an installer-based system, but I think it's overall easier to set up that way, more friendly to non-admin accounts and gives more flexibility in including outside DLLs in the project.

The major backend change is the use of a SQLite database rather than a flat file for tag/rating/setting/thumbnail storage. This means it will be more robust (no data loss on crashes or power loss), quicker to start up, close and perform searches.... read more

Posted by First Furiatsu 2008-11-27

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