#3 Vanishing Pre-Poll Command

Sean Cooper

After trying to get this to work I've decided to give
up and report this as a bug...

My company decided that it would be smart to block all
ports at the firewall unless specified... which makes
perfect sense, but it means that in order to check my
email at home I have to tunnel into it using ssh.

When I was using GNOME, the mail checker had an option
to run a command before checking which I used to open
up the tunnel with a time-delay sufficient enough for
the pop3 connection to commence.

I tried doing this same effect with the 'Pre-Poll'
command, but it keeps vanishing...

Protocol: pop3
Server: localhost
UserName: ----
Password: ----
PrePoll: ssh -L 1375:localhost:110 myhomeserver.address
sleep 15
Advanced: Port: 1375

In theory that should open a tunnel for 15 seconds at
port 1375 to access pop3... regardless of how long the
actual pop3 connection lasts as long as it establishes
a connection before the sleep timeout of 15 seconds
ends the tunnel will stay open until it terminates the
pop3 connection

I even tried appending it to a XTerm to try to make it
happy by making it a real X application... but it

NOTE: the pre-poll command seems to NOT disapear if you
use imap4... but I need to use it for pop3


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