#56 Can't synchronize



I looked for the FAQ and read the manual but can't find an answer
to my problems.

It seems I can't synchronize. After I connected to the remote site I
opened the "synchronize" menu and a dialog opens to chose the
local directory.

The only folders available for the local site are my HOME and any
of the standards linux tree (/bin, /etc, /proc and such). But it shows
no folders under my home.

I'd like to choose "/home/<myaccount>/homepage" for my local
site but KBear doesn't accept that. I can't see this folder in the
synchronization tool and if I type in the path manually I can't click
the OK button anymore.

I can only use the OK button if I choose "/home/<myaccount>"
and of course the result is desastrous. KBear freezes instantly,
there would be ten thousands of files to "synchronize" and Gigs of
data to move. And sure as hell I wouldn't want to put all my private
files to the web ;-)

Copying files between remote site and any local folder works ok
as long as I do it manually, it's just that synchronize tool will not
accept the local folders.

I suspected rights management to be the problem and changed
the whole folder's permission to be accessible by anybody:

chmod -R 777 ~/homepage/

But that didn't solve my problems.

Yours ever so baffled


My System is:

SuSE Linux Professional 9.2
KBear 2.1 (KDE 3.3.0)

My Email is:



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